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Frequently Asked Questions

At Shires Law, we never want you to be left in the dark about your personal injury claim or how our service works. We have put together a few of our frequently asked questions to give you the answers you need. If you have any additional questions, feel free to get in touch with us today.

How long will my claim take?

At Shires Law, we deal with a variety of claims and so no two claims are ever exactly the same. For this reason, we can’t give an accurate timeframe of how long your claim will take from start to finish. As a general rule of thumb, g the more serious claims will take longer. We want to make sure that you have recovered from your injuries before the claim is settled.

The good news is that, should it be required, we can secure you an interim payment that will help you get through the process. We are happy to discuss this with you when we arrange a meeting.

Will I meet my solicitor?

Yes, we pride ourselves on offering a face to face service so that you are comfortable. We know that making a personal injury claim is not easy, especially if you have been severely injured. We’ll meet you and your family, if required, in your home so that you are comfortable throughout the entire process. We enjoy meeting our clients and hope that this will ease any worries that you might have about the process.

Can you take over my claim from my current solicitor

Yes, if you are unhappy with the service you are currently getting from your solicitor, we will be happy to help. We can offer a second opinion and advise on what we could do for you here at Shires Law. It is your final decision on whether you will move your claim to our company or not.

The team at Shires Law will handle the move and deal directly with your current solicitor, so you don’t have to. The process is much more straightforward than you might think so it shouldn’t affect your claim. We hope that we can offer you a service that you are satisfied with. Don’t forget that we offer a No Win No Fee agreement.

How much compensation will I receive?

The compensation that you will receive from your personal injury claim will depend on a number of factors. We cannot give a definitive figure when you first start your claim, but we can offer some examples of previous claims that we have worked on. The severity of your claim will affect the total compensation that you will be awarded. A medical expert will be required to examine you to give an accurate prognosis of how long the recovery will take. Your Shires Law solicitor will do all that they can to maximise the compensation that you receive.

How much will it cost to make a claim?

At Shires Law, we offer a No Win, No Fee service so if your claim isn’t successful, you won’t have to pay us. If your claim is successful, you will incur some fees which are unfortunately, unavoidable. The government has introduced a law that means that we can no longer recover all legal fees from the other side and so you will need to cover some of these costs.

We have made it easier for you by only requesting that you make a contribution once your claim is settled. When you choose Shires Law, you will have the best possible chance of receiving the maximum compensation. (removing sentence as does not state why client would risk getting paid less). Get in touch to find out more about our No Win, No Fee promise.

Can you help if I have an accident at work?

Yes, we have worked with a lot of clients who have made successful claims for compensation for an accident at work. These claims are common and if an accident wasn’t your fault, you might want to proceed with a personal injury claim. We will take a close look at all of the evidence and ensure that you are examined by a medical expert. From the start of your claim to its conclusion, we will work hard to get you the compensation that you deserve. You can find out more about our accident at work claims here.

What happens if I am injured during a cosmetic treatment?

If you have experienced an injury as a result of a cosmetic or beauty treatment, a solicitor at Shires Law will be happy to assist you with starting a claim. Beauty accidents are common and can include burns from chemicals used and problems as a result of an allergic reaction. If this is something that you have experienced, you might be eligible for compensation. You can find out more about our cosmetic treatment injury claims here.

Do you cover road traffic accidents?

At Shires Law, we cover a range of personal injury claims and road traffic accident claims are some of our most common cases. If you were a victim of a road traffic accident, then you could be eligible for some compensation. There are a number of different types of claims that we deal with in this area including car accident claims, whiplash claims and motorcycle accident claims. Find out more here about road traffic accident claims.

Why choose Shires Law?

At Shires Law, we care about our clients and we do everything in our power to make sure that you get the compensation that you deserve. We take a different approach to other personal injury firms with a personal touch. We make sure that you are kept informed throughout the entire process and that you are happy with our service.

We offer a No Win, No Fee agreement which means that you will only pay if your claim is settled. Get in touch today for a free initial consultation if you think that you have suffered a personal injury and are eligible for compensation.

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