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By now, it is more than likely that you have at least heard the phrase ‘No Win No Fee’ in passing, even if you have never had need to pursue a personal injury claim before.

In fact, it is one of the most common types of agreement formed between a personal injury solicitor and their clients – and for good reason. Read more below.

What Does ‘No Win No Fee’ Mean?

The term ‘No Win No Fee’ refers to an agreement that can be made between a solicitor and their client. In essence, it means that the solicitor will not charge their client for their services if they do not win the case.

This is also known as a contingent or conditional fee, wherein the solicitor’s ability to take a fee is entirely dependent upon their ability to achieve a favourable result.

Since their introduction in 2000, No Win No Fee agreements have grown particularly common in the realm of personal injury law – a fact which makes pursuing legal recourse and financial compensation a much more accessible prospect for those who need it the most.

Whether it is an accident at work, at home, or on the roads, it can completely disrupt someone’s life. Opening a claim with a No Win No Fee solicitor gives many people the chance to pursue a claim that they otherwise might have avoided. It can be incredibly expensive to open a claim, and so it is better to instead look into No Win No Free agreements as you will not be out of pocket even if you win.

How Does it Work?

After reaching out to a No Win No Fee solicitor, you will be able to discuss the specifics of your case, and proceed with it as normal. Your solicitor will go through the specifics, gather supporting evidence, consult with relevant experts for in-depth reports, and issue a Claim Notification Form to the defendant who caused the injury.

The case will proceed – either to a settlement agreement, or to a court case – and only if your solicitor is successful in attaining a favourable outcome for you will they be able to claim a fee for their work.

This means that you are never left out of pocket. Solicitors’ fees can be incredibly expensive, but they become more manageable with a No Win No Fee agreement. You will not have to pay a thing unless you are awarded compensation in your win

Why Should You Open a No Win No Fee Claim?

For the exact same reason that you should pursue a personal injury claim – because it ensures the best possible opportunity for you to receive the compensation you deserve, following an incident that fell under someone else’s responsibility to avoid.

The fact that it is No Win No Fee changes nothing, except that it removes any roadblocks that may have otherwise stood between you and your ability to afford the right level of legal expertise. This is particularly important if an injury has left you under a great deal of financial strain – for instance, if you became unable to work during your recovery, or indefinitely.

What’s the Catch with No Win No Fee?

On first hearing about No Win No Fee agreements, many people are quick to presume that there must be some hidden catch that makes it a more profitable endeavor for solicitors.

In truth, however, the concept of conditional fees is very straightforward. Experienced and competent personal injury solicitors understand how to put together a strong claim, and have enough faith in their own abilities to fight your corner that a No Win No Fee arrangement remains a perfectly feasible venture for them.

These arrangements are designed to benefit the people who need them the most. It’s as simple as that.

How can I open a No Win No Fee personal injury claim?

As soon as possible, you should reach out to an experienced No Win No fee personal injury solicitor. This is a tricky area of law to navigate, unless you are equipped with years’ of practical experience and understanding, and it is essential that you find the right help sooner rather than later.

In the majority of cases, you will have 3 years in which to file a claim, following the injury. This can vary – particularly if the injury made you incapable of filing a claim for some time after the incident – but, in general, it is important to keep to this timeframe.

A No Win No Fee personal injury solicitor will be able to advise you on what is needed to make the claim. Their advice can also be useful if you think you have a viable case for an accident that took place over three years ago.

At Shires Law, our No Win No Fee team offer a caring and professional approach to personal injury cases, and will always use every modicum of experience and knowledge at our disposal to fight for the best outcome possible for you. Get in touch and start your fight for compensation with us today.

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