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Allergic Reactions

Shires Law can help you claim for a cosmetic or hair dye allergic reaction. We operate on a No Win No Fee basis, you will not be out of pocket whether you win or lose.

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How much can you claim?

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What’s the process of making an accident claim with Shires Law?

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If you have suffered an allergic reaction to a treatment then the chances are that your hairdresser or beautician has failed to take your safety into account. A ‘skin patch test’ should be performed, ideally 24 hours before the procedure in order to ensure your safety and test for allergies. If you have suffered an allergic reaction and feel that your beautician or hairdresser did not take your safety into account then you could claim financial compensation for the inconvenience and irritation you have suffered.

Common Causes

Common causes of allergic reactions include:

  • Failure to carry out a skin patch test
  • Failure to apply a base cream
  • Incompetent/ inexperienced staff


Typical ailments arising from these causes include:

  • Irritated/ inflamed skin
  • Loss of hair/ bald patches
  • Emotional/ psychological effects due to temporary or permanent disfigurement

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How Much Could You Claim?

Compensation awards are very much dependent upon how seriously you are affected by the reaction. In some cases as well as suffering a reaction the injury can be disfiguring for a time period which has to be taken into account when discussing compensation amounts. A minor allergic reaction affecting your hair could result in compensation up to £4,800, whereas a more severe reaction resulting in the loss of areas of hair could be awarded up to £7,250. For more realistic compensation based on cosmetic or hair dye allergic reactions then book a consultation and our lawyers will be able to give you a better idea of the amount you may be likely to receive.

Length Of Claim

Again, the length of the case is largely dependent upon the circumstances of your claim; our lawyers will always do their utmost to close your case as quickly as possible. There are also a variety of factors that could have a direct effect upon the length of your claim, such as whether the salon in question admits liability immediately or whether court proceedings are necessary.

How do You make a claim?

We can help with you claim; our solicitors are ready to help get you started, call today on 0800 285 266 or via our Live Chat facility.

What You Can Do To Help Your Claim

  • Seek medical attention immediately for an initial prognosis of your allergic reaction
  • If you haven’t already, ensure that the salon is aware of what has befallen you as a result of your treatment
  • Keep a diary of your ailment, including pain/ irritation levels and other effects you have experienced as a result of your reaction
  • Log any losses you have incurred as a result of your cosmetic burn (i.e. income losses and mileage of travelling to the GP)

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