Many of us set plenty of store by our hair, and we needn’t feel as though we need to justify the investments of time, money and emotional value we make into its quality and appearance. Countless people would no doubt agree that their hair plays a decisive role in their self-esteem (or lack thereof), and that any lasting damage to it could have a profound effect on their confidence

Still, in spite of this, it can be difficult for many of us to feel justified in pursuing a personal injury claim against our hair salon when something goes wrong. Even though there are plenty of factors which can – and do – go wrong during the course of an otherwise routine hair appointment, plenty of people continue to reconcile themselves to the notion that seeking legal representation, and filing a claim against the hair stylist responsible, is something they should seriously consider.

So, how do you know if you are justified in making a claim? Read more below.

Understand the Nature of Hair Injuries

Before we personally encounter a significant case of hairdresser negligence, many of us imagine the worst that can go wrong in a hair salon is still relatively minor and, for the most part, superficial. Afterall, an overzealous trim will grow back in a few months’ time, and a botched colour can be fixed after giving hair a few days away from the harsher chemicals.

In actual fact, however, ‘hair injuries’ refer to a long list of missteps and mistakes that occur all too frequently within hair salons across the country.

In 2018, for instance, a woman suffered severe burns and hair loss following a botched bleaching treatment at a salon. So serious were the physical and emotional implications that she was awarded £12,500 in damages.

Unfortunately, nothing can speed up the process of regrowing hair that has been lost or damaged beyond repair – or, of course, reverse the emotion toll taken by this sort of mistake – but personal injury claims ensure that these mistakes do not get swept under the rug, and that those who have suffered due to negligence or a lack of training are able to receive the compensation they deserve.

There is, of course, no ‘baseline’ requirement for hair injury claims. If you feel that a visit to the hairdressers has resulted in significant consequences for your physical and/or mental wellbeing, then it is important that you…

Speak with a Solicitor, as Soon as Possible

Personal injury solicitor are experts at putting together a claim, and ensuring that your experience is supported by a wealth of supporting evidence.

For this reason, you should begin documenting the specifics of your case immediately, and reach out to a practised personal injury solicitor as soon as possible, so as to ensure that your injuries can be examined by the appropriate team, and your claim commenced.