What You can Expect when Making a Beauty Treatment Compensation Claim

Thanks to our higher standards of living, the beauty industry has grown tremendously over the past decades, allowing many women (and even men) to feel better about themselves and their appearance. Unfortunately, this has also come at a serious cost – many are tempted to improve their looks with cheap deals and then fall victim to accidents caused by untrained personnel, unsafe products, or unscrupulous practices. Beauty salons are constantly working with dyes, chemicals, and tools that may cause burns or cuts or allergic reactions, and even worse. Whilst therapies and treatments often have the desired result, when left in the hands of untrained or ignorant staff, the same therapies or treatments can cause serious damage. If you have been a victim of maltreatment and are eligible to make a claim, here’s what you can expect when seeking compensation.

Common causes

Beauty salons often use materials and tools not often used anywhere else; hence they require special instruction on how to use and apply them. Often, injuries are caused by tools – cuts and abrasions are common, as are burn wounds to various degrees. Allergies to dyes as well as chemicals are equally common – and burns can also be caused by chemical products, steam therapies (facials), overheated wax or lasers (hair removal), and so on.

Genuine claims

Unlike what is portrayed in the media, the ‘compensation mindset or culture’ we seem to live in today is not as bad as it seems – one cannot merely seek compensation from the other without just cause, and a proper investigation must be conducted first before anything else. However, there are a great number of people with genuine claims, and in such cases, a suitable procedure is instigated – a proper investigation is conducted and records are established.

What the claim does

A claim will never take away the uncomfortable experience and can never remedy the situation to everybody’s content. However, a claim is always preceded by an investigation, and as such, it is an excellent way to ensure that the same thing will not happen again.

A claim will also lay responsibility and secure a payment as compensation for the damage done. You may be entitled for payment not just for pain and suffering, but also for the extra expenses you had to incur as a direct result.

For some therapies and treatments, a certain amount of discomfort is normal – but it must all stay within limits, and a person should recover very quickly. When there is permanent damage, unreasonable pain, or psychological distress, you may be entitled to claiming compensation for your beauty treatment injury. It is, of course, better to avoid the injuries in the first place, but if the injuries were caused by unsafe procedures or untrained staff, the investigation should point this out.

Image attributed to nenetus/FreeDigitalPhotos.net